Alex Callinicos, is a leading figure on the left internationally and a major Marxist theoretician. He is a leading member of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) and has participated in every major anti-capitalist mobilization since Seattle.
his talk was very interesting, it was titled : the Permanent Revolution in the Middle East. one of the most important things he said, that the struggle of the Palestinian People is not limited to the Palestinians themselves. It's a broader one that involves the struggle of workers against the Arab Local Regimes who are the agents of Israel and imperialism. the conflict's way out is the permanent Revolution that breaks the bounderies of individual societies.
the struggle in Egypt for example, has a big importance on this level. it's a struggle that is creating new cadre of workers, raising political demands addressed against Mubarak, but also in solidarity with the Palestinian Struggle. we heard the following slogan repeated by the workers and by the anti-war mvt in Egypt: "the Road to Jerusalem passes through Cairo".
this is a glismpse of the permanent revolution that Trotsky talked about, in one of the most important countries in the Arab world.


  1. Jack Stephens said...

    Wish I could have been there. It all sounds very interesting and informative.

  2. Aaron V. said...

    So Saudi Arabia discriminating against women and Iran killing queer youth is *Israel's* fault?

    This is one of the most offensive things I've ever seen.

  3. Farfahinne said...

    Jack, it was really interesting and informative as u said, but don't worry, first: u can read the talks and hear them on the Socialist Worker web, second, it's an annual festival, if u couldn't participate this year, u will next year!

    as for u aaron; Israel has no better report on the level of Human Rights abuses, so why do u feel shocked? Human Rights violations nver were an obstacle in front of the "friendly" relations between the US and SA. Plus, the indirect negotiations for peace between Israel and Syria, are not about democracy in Syria and the attempts on political opponents etc...US and Israel will never support democratic regimes around them, because democracy means the voice of people, and u know people in the MEA do not welcome the occupying state of Israel! the biggest fear of Israel is Democracy and that's why, yes...somehow the examples u mentioned are Israel's fault!

  4. Arnaud said...

    Farfahinne, this is ridiculous and a strawman to boot. Aaron's comment has nothing to do with the state of human rights in Israel or its lack of support for democracy in the region.

    If Israel goes to war, it's an agent of US imperialism. If it doesn't and tries to accommodate itself with its neighbours it actively supports the dictatorial regimes of the Middle-East in their fight against human rights and the workers struggle... and ultimately US.
    How convenient!

  5. Farfahinne said...

    Arnaud: I do not distinguish between Israel and the Arab regimes. the First is occupying the Palestinians politically, economically and culturally, the seconds are occupying their people on all the levels too. these regimes, as the Israeli one, were put by the colonial forces against the will of the people and this is the case of the state of Israel too. so yes the Arab regimes and the state of Israel are both the agents of imperialism and they both have a bad Human Rights report and they both conduct policies against the working class. no need to give u examples...i believe!

  6. Jack Stephens said...

    Farfahinne, your post is causing quite a stir at this liberal site that cross-posts all of my posts from one of my blogs. They're all freaking out about "anti-semitism" and such bull shit such as that. I'm gonna post a long comment that should equate to a verbal smackdown but you might what to check it out yourself. Fucked up shit.

  7. Arnaud said...

    Oh well, something to look forward to, at last!
    (I must admit that for me the "I believe" argument - that was tongue-in-cheek, right? - did not exactly carry the day...)

  8. Anonymous said...








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