Lebanese farmers on Friday threatened to take to the streets if the government refuses to backtrack on its decision to cancel the Export Plus Program. After a meeting with outgoing Economy and Trade Minister Sami Haddad, the farmers' syndicate said the government had no intention to reintroduce Export Plus, a program introduced by the Investment Development Authority of Lebanon few years ago to finance the export of Lebanese agricultural products to Europe and the arab world . Haddad claimed that Export Plus only benefited the merchants instead of the farmers. The minister insisted that the government has every right to open the market to foreign competition, adding that consumers will be the first to benefit from unrestricted competition. The farmers are also demanding the reintroduction of the agriculture calendar, a process that bans the import of agricultural products in Lebanon during certain seasons. The farmers warned that they would not hesitate to carry out a "revolution" if their demands were not met soon. - The Daily Star


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