yesterday i gave a talk on the Resistance of Women industrial workers in Egypt, under the title: building Resistance in the Middle East" within a panel that included Bassim Chit (member of the Leftist Assembly for Change), who talked about sectarianism in Lebanon and the contradictions within the Resistance, Hezbollah) and Moufid Koutaich, member of the Bureau politique of the Lebanese communist Party, who talked about the Resistance in Lebanon and Palestine and Iraq against colonialism and occupation.
All the talkers, stressed on the idea that the class struggle is the center of the struggle against imperialism.
As for the women in the Middle East, the economic crisis, the crisis of food and bread are putting more and more pressure on women in Egypt and in the Middle East in general. and that is pushing the women for a leading position in the society. as their economic struggle moves on, women are starting to develop political consciousness. I believe, that the workers in Egypt started to link between the dictator regime and the International Financial institutions. that's why we saw during the mobilization in Egypt, banners hold by the workers against the IMF and the World Bank etc...the class struggle is becoming indeed a struggle against imperialism.
sooner or later, it's more probable that we will see that women in the Middle East will start their own struggle too. in Lebanon, thousands of women became the Head of their families because of war. for how long they will carry the burden of the economic crisis?...there's a big chance, that soon we will start witnessing a mobilization were the struggle for better lives will merges the struggle for equal rights. till that time comes, I, You, We...shouldn't be sitting down and watching. we have to do the link between the different struggles in the MEA and Worldwide. this is how the change comes, this is how we can make the change possible!


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