Marxism Festival 2008

Marxism is a popular annual event that takes place at the Institute of Education and University of London Union. Hundreds of leading activists, theorists, trade unionists, writers and campaigners from around the globe meet each year in this event. over 5 days (3-7 July) there will be like 200 forums, panels and discussions.

I will be speaking together with comrade Houssam El Hamalawy on the worker's struggle in Egypt (on July 1).
there will be film showing ‘On the streets’ by Nora Younis about the Property Tax Collectors’ strike. also there will be a photo exhibition: ‘We want the dawn’ Photographs from Egypt’s strike wave .
i will be posting my presentation as soon as i finish it...!

unfortunately, i neglected my blog for the last week because i had my final exams! but i will be back soon, but this time from London.
so to stay updated on the Festival, keep an eye on my blog :)

for additional infos about the Festival pls click here


  1. Anonymous said...

    I will look forward to reading up on your guys experiences there.

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