song:Lena Shamamyan - Ya Msafera


  1. Dalaiama said...

    It's a pitty I have never learned arabic language because it's very beautiful. I don't understand a word of what the lady is singing. Even so I like very much the way the words are sung, the music is very sensitive and beautiful. I have added this video to one of my favorites in youtube.
    You know, the first time I listened to several arab songs all together were in a very good film called Intervention Divine, made by Elia Suleiman, a palestinian director refugee living in London. The musics of the film were great as this one is! Thanks.

  2. Farfahinne said...

    10x Dalaiama for ur fact, Lina Chamanian is one of my favorites singers ever..when i hear her voice she takes me to another level...sometimes u don't need to know the words to understand the meanings, and this is the case of this song...

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