i received the following message from an activist from France :" La marche était tres bien nous etions ta2riban 1500, et ca faisait longtemps que les gens n'avaient pas bougé comme ça, ici on nous parle d'Israel toute la journée et de son "anniversaire" de création, il y'avait beaucoup de problemes entre les association pro-palestine, qu'on a réussi a regler au moins pour cette manifestation et on a réussit à se réunir".

it says "the march was very good, 1500 persons participated, it has been a long time the people in France didn't move for such cause. Here in France they keep talking all day long about Israel and its "anniversary". there was some problems between the pro-palestinian associations, however we succeeded to over pass them , at least in this demo and we succeeded to be united"!

and these are some pix of the pro- Palestine Demonstration in France

pictures from Bissane


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