Update: Raghida went out of Al-Qobbeh...what i knew from a friend in the camp that they released her directly after asking her few questions...i don't know if she was allowed in again.
Raghida Harmoush, a Lebanese woman activist member of Nabaa Association was denied access to Naher EL Bared Camp this morning at 10:00 am, and was taken to Al-Kobbeb Center (the Lebanese army's intelligence center) for interrogations. A friend called me saying that Raghida presented her ID at the army's intelligence bureau at the entrance of the camp and she was first allowed to enter the camp... then a soldier ran after her denying her from entering and telling her that she has to come with him to Al-Qobbeh Center for interrogations. Raghida was going to Naher-el Bared as moderator of a session on Palestinian Women role in the society. The session was organized by a number of NGOs at the camp in addition to the Naher el Bared Popular Committee.
No further information available about Raghida now.
Is there any way to put an end to the army's behavior in Naher el Bared?!


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