Last Night...

I hesitated to post this "poem" on my blog. Cause I am not used to write about personal issues on my blog...I dedicated the blog from the beginning to politics and my political thoughts and the ideals I stand for.. however, like politics is one side of me there's another side that I would like to share with you...

Last night

Last night you were here
warming my bed
Now kilometers between us and a million step
Counting them all alone...
Why should I do that?!

You are still here
And I can feel your breath
Your lips on my face
That’s something I can never regret
Hundreds of fluttering kisses need time to fly away
Everything I felt remains the same
Even my body still trembles
Every time I put my hand on the places you smelt

I loved the way you slept
My palm beneath you head
I talked and uttered with mumbles
With voices you couldn’t distinguish
I said I am happy because you broke into my life
And there’s nothing I can wish more than staying between your arms
Do you remember the story you told me?

About a baby
From the moment he was a fetus

To the moment he grew up
Discovering the world around

And nothing can make him stops
His feeling of being lost in a new world
But always feeling safe in the hands of the person who brought him to life
This is me the baby... oh!! Couldn’t you tell?!
And the hands holding him are nothing but yours…
Your eyes asked me:” why are you crying?”

And if there’s anything you told that made me sad?
I didn’t reply

I let a tear goes down
because I knew you will wipe it

And draw on my mouth a smile

all of that happened last night


January 4 2010


  1. Shadi said...

    Well, that hit close to home and maybe that's why I enjoyed reading it, despite the pain it conveys.

    If this is indeed what you're feeling now, then embrace it, but don't allow it to fester, for it will pass, maybe to leave a scar or two, but it will pass...

  2. apunctum said...

    the personal is the political.

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