Kaufman urged the British government to impose an arms embargo on Israel.

"My grandmother was ill in bed when the Nazis came to her home town.... A
German soldier shot her dead in her bed, he said. My grandmother did not die to provide cover for Israeli soldiers murdering Palestinian grandmothers in Gaza," the MP said.


  1. Anonymous said...

    This hypocritical disgusting terrorist stooge, a traitor to reason, democracy, and fellow Jews is disgusting. Force this dumbass to live in Sderot while rockets drop on your house. Israel must wipe out Hamas, Fatah, Hezbollah, and Al-Qaeda. This is about Israel's fight to survive and prevail against the terrorist Arab occupiers in Gaza, Samaria, and Judea. The "Palestinians" that historical lie, should be deported to Jordan. The irony is that the British imperialist 2 faced scum created Jordan from 80% of "Palestine". The people of Gaza voted for Hamas to lead them, therefore they are all legitimate targets in a war, they support them, they feed them, they smuggle weapons and hide terrorists for Hamas. Death to HAMAS!

  2. Anonymous said...

    You are insane .All israels should be wipe out already '''Criminals ''' Hitler was right... only excuses . they want the territory of Gaza because USA support THE CRIMINAL JEWS in this agresion. Who control Israel using quimical weapons agains Palestinias ? Israels get out from Gaza, open all the frontiers and stop blocked them . Palestinians have the right to defended. Israels KILLER. Were are all Arabians ? how can all of then ignore this agression from Israel ?

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