take a moment to read what the al-Akhbar wrote today.
Zaven's "Exceptional Show", on Future TV, that will debate Muntadar Al Zaidi( the journalist who throw a shoe at the war criminel Bush) is supported by the CIA!
For the surprise the Future has double publicity, one addressed to the Lebanese in Lebanon, and one to the Lebanese in the US...the one addressed to the Lebanese in the US is stamped by the CIA...

this is not acceptable on all levels, not morally only, but politically first!
a thing must be done, akallouha, a demonstration in front of the Future TV in Beirut!


  1. Tarek Hoteit said...

    I kind of disagree on this that such shows are directly supported by CIA. Here in the US, we have Future TV and LBCI to watch and every now and then the same commercials get added to the different shows. The only satellite station that provides LBC and Future TV in US is DishNetwork and its media company is Dish Media http://www.dishmediasales.com. If a question to be raised, it would be to the media agency and not to Zafen show itself. Though many people do not agree with shows like Kalam El-Nass or Zafen, it is important to know that we still have such shows that at least gives opportunity to our Lebanese people to talk and listen.

  2. Farfahinne said...

    it's a question that should be raised to the media agency as u said, LBC and the Future and those working in these agencies as well...if i had a show i wouldn't agree that the CIA or the lebanese moukhabarat or fere3 el ma3loumet, nore the Israely one, nore the syrian to fond or to have its stamp on my show,...
    and Tarek u know exactly that these talk shows rarely talk about the people and their pbroblems, tell me the last time Zaven or Marcel talked about the minimum wages in Lebanon, the electricity pb, the mazout pb!!
    the pb goes beyond these shows in particular... it's the question of policies. should we stay silent when the media is directly fonded by a moukhbarat, and not any moukhabarat: the CIA for god sake!
    ur saying that as if it's normal... no it's not normal... and we should not accept that it becomes normal!

  3. Tarek Hoteit said...

    Farfahinne, i think you missed my point but not all of it. The show itself, say Zafen, is not directly sponsored or at least in this contenxt. In US, the media agency gets the funds and uses the ads along with the show to note that it is sponsored by so and so. In Arab-tvs, we don't see the regular 10 minutes commercials like we see in our Lebanese TVs or even the American ones. Now I cannot accurately point that the Zafen show or any other one is directly sponsored by, say CIA, but I am basing my argument by observation only. However, it is true that if our Lebanese stations have non-politically affiliations and focus on the Lebanese or Lebanese-Americans as a whole then they should be careful on the media message. This is not the case, and so is our Lebanese government, but not in my opinion shows like Zafen or Marcel Ghanem.

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