International Beirut Forum
For the support of the Anti-Imperialist Resistance Struggles of the Peoples
and the building of Alternatives to Globalization
Beirut, 16-17-18 January 2009

Dear friends, dear comrades,

We are pleased to announce that the International Forum for Alternatives and support of the resistance struggles of the Peoples of the Middle-East will take place in Beirut, and to invite you to fully participate.


At this serious and crucial moment for the global system currently in crisis, a system characterized by a capitalism that is more and more predatory, marked by the return of direct colonialism, the scavenging of natural resources, the totalitarianism of market economy, an accelerated marginalisation and impoverishment, a reduction of the welfare state and a collapse of democratic institutions, ecological catastrophes…, the organizers of this Forum (see list at the bottom) have put forward these objectives:

1 – Support the anti-imperialist resistance struggles of the Peoples of the Middle-East, and defend the rights of Peoples to resist.
2 – Merge the anti-system and anti-imperialist struggles of the Peoples from the South and the North in the face of the damages caused by the dictatorship of financial markets and the world-wide uncontrolled spreading of trans-national companies.
3 – Participate in the construction of alternatives to neo-liberalism and refuse the diktat of international institutions such as the World Bank, the IMF, and the WTO…
4 – Defend public goods and services, such as water, health-care, food security, education, and resist the merchandisation of these sectors.
5 – Defend culture as part of the Patrimony of Humanity. To fight for a world based on the recognition of the non-commercial status of cultural products, scientific knowledge, and education.

A large number of movements and associations compose the platform of the Forum, among which:
International Campaign against American and Zionist Occupation (the Cairo Conference), The Center for Studies and Documentation in Beirut, the National Gathering to Support the Choice of Resistance (Lebanon), The International Anti-Imperialist and Peoples’ Solidarity Forum (the Calcutta-India Conference), Stop War Campaign (London), Le Parti Communiste Libanais, L’Union de la Jeunesse Démocratique (Lebanon), Réseau des Organisations de la Jeunesse Palestinienne, The Party of Dignity (Egypt), The Popular Campaign to Break the Siege on Gaza, KIFAYA (Le mouvement égyptien pour le changement), Union of Democratic Youth (Lebanon), Egyptian Women Issues Association, Palestinian Youth Organizations Network (Palestine), Fédération des Syndicats Marocains, AMCI (The Mediterranean Agency for International Cooperation - Morocco), Arab Youth Council and the Walk to the Arab Parliament (Morocco), Data and Strategic Studies Center (Syria), El Badil Regroupement Anti-Globalisation (Syria), Campaign Genoa 2001 (Greece), L’altra Lombardia Su La Testa (Italy), Anti-imperialist Camp (Greece), Socialist Thinking Forum (Jordan), Organisation des Socialistes Révolutionnaires (Egypt), To be continued…

For more information, please write to:


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