Lebanon Fascists

I found these 2 pictures posted by angryarab. they were taken during a ceremony held by the Lebanese Phalanges Party. this party was created in 1936 and was largely inspired by the nazi party, and that is obvious.


  1. Anonymous said...

    hello, my nme is bachir, i m no one's fan but i wanted to see an interesting article of urs not a BS like showing kataeb salutes as nazis. at least the kataeb flag shows the cedar unlike the SSNP which has the symbol of the swastika(little modified though) and dont believe in LEBANON. the blog of assaad abou khalil is little betetr than urs by the way, maybe bcoz he is more educated but u both believe in a rotten cause called palestine....

  2. Farfahinne said...

    The SSNP and the phalanges were both influenced by the Nazis. Believing in the "natural Syria" is much the same of believing in z 10452km2. One, preaching the hegemony of the "Syrian" race and the other, preaching the supremacy of the "Lebanese”.
    The Kataeb are racists and that is historically proved, massacring Palestinian people, adopting fascist sectarian discourse and racist slogans against the Syrian people, assaulting Syrian workers and inflaming their tents... are their means to defend "Lebanon". The Phalanges pretend to defend what they call "the Christian cause" and for this "cause" they were ready even to deal with Israel. And for this "cause" they r preaching today their backward view of Lebanon: aren't they who want a federalism based on sectarianism in Lebanon?
    If the cedar means patriotism to you, so I prefer putting a banana instead!
    As for Palestine, well I believe that your racism is of course enabling you to c what's beyond the 10452km2.
    Btw: Assaad Abou Khalil's blog is much better than mine...and he is much more educated...
    but i can tell that u need much more of hard labor and readings, for u to be able to judge such things!

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