One Fight... One Struggle... across the borders!! students of the world let's UNITE...
picture (by Dara O'Donaill) From solomonsmfiel of the student demo yesterday in Dublin city- Ireland against the introduction of new fees.. click on the photo to read a full report about the student mobilization in Ireland

having the same concerns, in Egypt the Haki students (arabic for my Rights) started mobilizing against the increasing of registration fees and the introduction of new fees in the UNIV. click on the photo to read (in arabic) the statement that was distributed by the students

in France however, the students started to mobilize against the economic policy of the government that resulted in discharging 13300 teacher. in this picture, that i took in one of the meetings of "Sud etudiant" (student syndicate at Tolbiac) the students were discussing the privatization of the public sector.

yesterday a statement was circulating among the students in my Uni (Sorbonne- Paris1) inviting for a meeting to discuss possible actions against the "capitalist system" and the "contre-reformes" of the government.

(the meeting is organized by the anti-capitalist party- today 31-10-2008 at 19h00 a la Sorbonne- Hall des AMPHIS)


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  2. Farfahinne said...

    Go shabeb!! we count on you too!!

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