A Woman called on a program on Manar TV station (Hizbullah Channel) congratulating the Resistance. However, as soon as she denounced the fact that the pro Hizbullah minister in the new cabinet was sitting next to Jumblat, "the traitor" as she said, during the reception ceremonies, the phone was cut off. and the presenter of the program replied: "we have to open a new blank page"!
It's strange how a so called traitor can suddenly become an ally as soon as Sayyed Hassan and the leadership in Hizbullah say so!
The Woman, that i didn't pay attention to her name, added:"isn't true that it's haram (religious connotation= against the will of God) to deal with traitors? than, why Mohamad Fnech was sitting next to Jumblat"?! and when the presenter of the program tried to interrupt her, the woman argued: "yes... Jumblat is a traitor look what was his position during July's war"! ...and here the phone call was shut down.
over 2 years, since the end of the Israeli war on Lebanon in 2006, people and the supporters of the Resistance were told that Sanioura's government and Joumblat, in particular, are agents of imperialism and Israel. Suddenly when this woman called and tried to remind Hizbullah responsibles of what they consistently said over these years, the response was: we opened a new page? who are "we" and who gave the right for "them" to grant amnesty and determine whether the people should forgive or not?
as Angry Arab wrote today:
"sectarian forces in Lebanon always have an easy time reconciling, especially on the eve of parliamentary elections".


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