While seeing and participating yesterday with thousands of people who went to the streets to welcome the 5 Lebanese Liberated prisoners, i came to some conclusions.
First, Israel has been humiliated severely in Lebanon in the last decade and z myth on its ability to inflict pain without restraint is applied to Israel itself.
Second, it was proven yesterday too, although it didn't need one, that the Resistance is the only way to liberate people and land from occupation. the Resistance in Lebanon has succeeded to impose policies over Israel, that the "moderate "Arab regimes couldn't, over 40 years. No Arab regime was able, or even wanted to, liberate one prisoner over the two passed decades.
Third, the Lebanese and the Arab people in general are more and more convinced in Resistance as alternative to the peace treaties with Israel. and that embarrass the Arab regimes who are the agents of Israel in the region, in the eye of their people.


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