Police racism in Lebanon

Dr. AbdelMeneem is a Sudanese community leader and refugee in Lebanon for the past 23 years+. He went on huger strike for 16 days in Sep/ Oct 2010 to demand an end to racist policies and arbitrary detention against Sudanese people and other marginalized communities in Lebanon. Throughout those 16 days, he was visited daily and hourly by certain security forces who were harassing him to stop his hunger strike and leave the strike place. Harassment and annoyances extended to visitors of the Dr. too. This is only a portion of what is happening to refugees, migrant workers, asylum seekers and other vulnerable communities.


  1. Anonymous said...

    God bless you

    You are the living proof that not 'all Lebanese are racists'

  2. Dalaiama said...

    Hello my dear Farfahinne!
    I don't understand a word of what they're talking in the video, but I understand your good english (better than mine).
    Anyway, I'm glad you're okay!
    I knew through Facebook that you were caught by the police and that was very unfair and anti-democratic, you are a peaceful person, a wise and fair person, mankind still have a lot to learn with people like you, you are a lightning person, I hope you are really ok, keep on shining, take care of yourself! Some people were born to be surrounded by stupid people, we need patience. Change will come. Keep your strengh! I respect and admire you!
    Love and Peace from Portugal

  3. Farfahinne said...

    armigatus: saying that all the lebanese are racists, is kind of racism itself.. of course not all the lebanese are...In Lebanon racism or xenophobia is mostly classist and based on political arguments.For example Lebanese racism towards foreign workers in Lebanon is based on the idea that these workers are stealing lebanese jobs, and that egyptian workers are poor and uneducated, these arguments are mostly economic arguments...

    Dalaiama: it's been a long time u didn't visite my blog! thank you for your message. Actually I was detained arbitrary by the lebanese army's intelligence in Naher el Bared Camp, because I was protesting peacefully about the decision of not letting me go in to the camp... you may read about it here: http://farfahinne.blogspot.com/2010/10/detention-common-for-critics-of-armys.html
    10x for your solidarity..

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