this is the Letter that the AUB students sent yesterday night:

join the strike- as many of you might have heard, AUB students are on strike. the university's already exclusivist policy is aiming at making it even harder for the low and middle incomes to access it, while forcing them to depend on loans.

the strike that took place on campus today and the support messages (that were individually read in the conference which graduating students were forced to attend) , along with the unity of the student body is something which didnt happen on this campus for more than 15years now.

this movement being mainly led by independent students, along with the support of the USFC(student council) is also something we are very proud of.

the strike didnt end, and as the administration is not answering our demands of not increasing the tuition fees , we are escalating , day by day, taking back our campus. please support us in all manners, your FB statuses, your blogs, your emails, your discussions with your friends, whoever can write articles and take pictures or post them.

in solidarity,

ميغيل أوربانو: “حيث تكدّس الإمبريالية ترسانتها العسكرية تكون مقاومتها دفاعاً عن الإنسانية جمعاء

Letter from AUB Students


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