picture by Cindy Mizher
pic by Roula al-Masri

تمت كتابة قرار 194 بواسطة الكوفيات وتم توثيق ذلك في موسوعة غينيس للأرقام القياسية كأكبر قرار دولي تم كتابته بالكوفيات.

The Campaign 194 group today announced a world record for the Longest chain of scarves/neckerchiefs, commemorating the anniversary of Nakba Day. A Guiness World Adjudicator was present to officially verify the record attempt, which involved a drawing of six thousand five hundreds scarves connected in the shape of the UN Resolution 194, in an effort to break the current record of 2,932 m 5 cm (9,619 ft 6.81 in) made of 5,000 scarves and set in Spain on 29 August 2009.


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