Mubarak Wall of SHAME

"The Egyptian regime’s decision to build a sophisticated underground steel wall along the Gaza-Sinai border is a crime bordering on attempted genocide." "Other similar epithets are used to describe this wall of shame built by an Arab state for the purpose of starving and killing an Arab people, already facing a virtual genocide at the hands of the Zionist State"
"The description “attempted genocide” is quite adequate because cutting off food from the virtually imprisoned people of Gaza means one thing: killing them by starving them to death".

In Lebanon we are organizing a big sit-in on January 23 in Front of the Egyptian Embassy to protest against Mubarak wall of shame... it will be the beginning of series of activities and mobilizations in solidarity with Gaza.
We urge you, Activists, Bloggers, Political Groups, University Clubs and other... to organize protests in front of the egyptian and Israeli embassies in your countries.
together we stand for Gaza, together we stand for the Palestinian people

Freedom to Palestine


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