25000 people demonstrated yesterday Saturday 3-1-2009 in solidarity with the Palestinian people. the demonstration started at la Place de la Republique and Headed to the Israeli embassy.

the "national collective for a Just and permanent peace between Israelis and Palestinians" that includes tens of parties and NGOs called for different demonstrations accross France (30), the largest was in Paris.the demonstrators chanted: "Israel Assassin... Sarkosy collaborator" "we all are Palestinians"...

Omar Soumi (from Palestine Generations): "while the Palestinians are punished for choosing Hamas through the democratic elections, Israel continues its occupation and was never punished... what we are calling for is Israel to be punished for its crimes and continuous violations of the International law. these violations are possible just because the EU is collaborating and backing financially and politically the state of Israel"

the demonstrators marched on Fairuz song: "the bells of return"

arrived to "Saint Augustin" square the police was heavily present with all its equipement, enabling the demonstrators to attend the Israeli embassy. a bunch of adolescents tried to defy the police barricades. they didn't succeed. however the police was there and made sure that all of them got filmed:

half an hour passed on our presence in the square. the organizators called for a peacefull endending of the demonstration. the police called also for the protestors to go home. hundreds maybe thousands, wanted to stay and to defy the police siege. the police replied by throwing tear gas at them. the protestors reposted by inflaming a certain nbre of cars.


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    farah c plus 35.000 que 25.000

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