The speech of Hassan Nassrallah during Achoura ceremony was one of the most powerful at all. The attack on the Egyptian regime was direct and so clear. Nassrallah considered that Mubarak regime is collaborating in the massacre perpetrated against the isolated people of Gaza by imposing the siege. Nassrallah called for the Egyptian people to take the streets by millions to open the Rafah terminal with their bodies". "The police forces are unable to kill millions" he said.
We have to look at this call as a change in the speech of Hezbollah. For long the party adopted a discourse that oscillates between calling for the resistance against imperialism and calling for the national unity. A discourse that call for resisting the occupation on one side and preserving their engines in the Arab world on another (the Arab regimes).
It’s true that Hassan Nassrallah didn’t call for overthrowing Mubarak, but he called for the Egyptians to defy the regime. Moreover, he considered that: all those who adopt a policy against the Palestinian people, are considered “our enemies”, in a clear message to the Egyptian regime. This was the first time that the party announces publically its opposition to an Arab regime.
The call of Nassrallah comes in a period where the Egyptian regime is facing a growing opposition movement. The regime of Mubarak is a key ally of the US. Mubarak has ruled with a state of emergency for almost 25 years. Over 20,000 people have perished in his jails and during attacks on the opposition. Since the beginning of the war on Gaza, hundreds of thousands took the streets in Cairo and other parts of Egypt calling for the immediate stop of all political, economic and diplomatic relations with the state of Israel. The demonstrators chanted “resistance, liberation”, “hold on Hamas” "down down with Mubarak" and “Mubarak you are a coward and a traitor”. The demonstrators, drawn mainly from the Muslim Brotherhood (who hesitates to attack Mubarak) leftist and Arab nationalist forces.


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