Pictures from the demonstration in front of the Egyptian Embassy in Beirut, few days ago, by Razan.

From all the directions, they came, Lebanese and Palestinians to demonstrate in front of the Egyptian Embassy in Beirut... what was the reaction of the police? Throwing tear gas and water at them? Why?

Because they simply wanted to protest the Arab political position toward the massacre in Gaza.

The Arab regimes lost their legitimacy in the streets, and the police and the army here wanted to impose it by force!

Confrontations happened between the police and the demonstrators and lasted for 2 to 3 hours.

Today the Lebanese army heavily encounters the Egyptian embassy to protect it against any possible demonstrations as the Israeli war on the Palestinian people in Gaza goes on... and as the collaboration of the Egyptian regime and the other Arab regimes continues!

The anger of the people is going greater; simultaneously the preparation of the army in the Arab states is going greater to meet this anger.

In Lebanon, while the government is discussing the “resistance strategy” the army is diploid to protect the embassies. As if nothing is happening in a neighboring country and as if 2 years ago we did not witness the same horror that our brothers and sisters in Palestine are witnessing.

Do you know now why the state needs the army for?


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