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Saturday 10-01-09 a historic day in France. One of the largest demonstration in support of the Palestinian cause that France has ever witnessed. 100 thousand demonstrators took the streets in more than 90 different regions in France. the largest one was in Paris. where 30 thousand (according to the prefecture) and 100 thousand according to the organizers answered the call of tens of organizations, political parties and syndicat. the major parties were the Communist party and the Communist Revolutionary League. However Le Monde mentioned that the Socialist Party didn't call for this demonstration.

The authorities mobilized nearly 4 thousand policemen...at the end nearly 140 demonstrators were arrested by the police!
and here i filmed one being arrested

in general the demonstration was calm and peaceful and it caracterized by more and more synchronization of the slogans.

Kemi Seba
spoke about Zionists as the "nazists of the 21 centutry"

(2) une partie de la manif de samedi 10-01-09
envoyé par farfahinne

the palestinian students had their word too:

more videos can be found on my Dailymotion and pictures on my flickr


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