A friend of mine posted this video on Facebook, and someone commented it saying: "this is an insult for journalists if anything! ", the person who made this comment is a Lebanese journalist who lives and works in the US, and it seems that he forgot, because of his sojourn, what does it mean to stand facing an occupier, who’s responsible for ruining your country and killing women, and children, destroying houses, arresting innocent people and putting them in prisons like Guantanamo where they are tortured and sexually harassed etc... Journalists, from this point of view should be "objective", inert, without sense, without opinion, but more importantly without feelings!

Considering that this journalist insulted the journalists by throwing a shoe on an occupier, it’s the same like considering resistance as a shame in the civilized world, where we live!

I believe that from now on, Bush will ask all the journalists to take their shoes off with every press conference…

Shoes will be put on a list of objects that are qualified as “terrorist”… and the Iraqi people will be forbidden to put in any shoes!


  1. Jamie said...

    It's already turned into a game. See if you're faster than Mr. President:


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