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yesterday nearly one thousand person took the streets in Barbes, Paris to protest against the Israeli massacre in Gaza and in solidarity with the Resistance of the Palestinian people. the Demonstration started in Barbes, and stopped at La Place de Clichy.
hundreds of policemen were waiting the demonstrators at La Place de Clichy, and demonstrators were not allowed to continue there way.
no confrontation with the police happened, because the organizers of the demonstration stopped the demonstrators from stepping forward. the organizers were mainly Islamic groups and Palestinian organizations. the Leftist forces and Parties didn't attend officially or call for demonstrations.
other demonstrations are planned today at 17h:00 at Chatelet. and tomorrow at 18h:00 at Montparnasse.


  1. bissane said...

    il ya eu une suite a cette manifestation : environ 300 personnes de la manif ont continué sur les champs élysés ou ils ont bloqué la circulation au niveau du métro GeorgesV, pendant une demi-heure (tres difficile normalement sur les champs) 100 personnes se sont fait embarqués par la police de Sarkozy et ont été relaché dans la soirée : les photos : http://www.flickr.com/photos/httpwwwtatifphotos/

  2. bissane said...

    farfahinne see the video of the action 3al champs elysées :

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