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SAMIDOUN emerged during the 2006 Israel war on Lebanon. it's a grassroots coalition that aimes to work in a democratic and participatory atmosphere. The coalition is multi-confessional and diverse in terms of nationality. The coalition is also diverse in its composition in terms of supporting organizations, from student groups, to the gay and lesbian center, to arts and film production collectives, to small political parties, to environmental groups. But the bulk of the work is through young volunteers from all over the country, some of whom are refugees themselves.

SAMIDOUN managed the Sanayeh Relief Center (SRC), located near one of the central parks in the city (Sanayeh). SRC was the first relief center set up on the field from the beginning of the Israeli attack on Lebanon. It coordinated relief efforts in Beirut and gathered and transmitted information from the field, as well as organizing political activities on the local and international levels to press for the halt of the attacks on civilians.

The relief work focused on 31 schools in the capital, Beirut. At the last count the schools hold around 10,000 internally displaced persons who have fled from Southern Lebanon and the southern suburbs of Beirut. This is in addition to the relief provided to refugees staying with host families. The total number of beneficiaries reached 12,000 persons, 11% are children under the age of 5.


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