after 11 months of struggling, the Kafr Elw residents received yesterday the keys of their new flats from the Helwan local council. the councilor met the residents for nearly an hour and gave them the keys.

one thing is to be mentioned is that the women were the key leaders of the protests and the sit-ins that the residents did over the 11 months. the reason why is that their husbands at first were frightened from the police torture and detention as some of them said.

they thought that if the women led the protests the police will be less likely to use force. although many women were beaten up and one of them had her legs broken: she was brutally attacked by Suzi's pigs while delivering her a protest letter.

NB! Suzi will officially deliver the residents their houses in an big official celebration, as the councilor told us yesterday!!!!!!!!!!


  1. ahmad said...

    thanks you for the report...
    Great photos...
    all the luck for them!

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