Marxism: Final Rally

comrade Hossam took these amazing photos at the final Rally of Marxism. personally i couldn't take any photo during the final Rally because i had fiever and preferred to stay still although it was difficult not to move because, you know there was a huge energy in the place.
this was the first time i participate in this Festival, and if i wanna say 2 words about it: it was really really an enriching experience. meeting all these people from all over the world, exchanging ideas, strategies and learning from their experiences. at the end u feel that you're not alone in your struggle for a better world. there are millions who share the same vision and ambitions and that gives u confidence in what ur doing.


  1. Dalaiama said...

    How I do understand you!
    We all leftist people feel like a minority in the society. If only people read and think about marxist information, they would get political knowledge and open up their minds towards a better society! Capitalism is bad, capitalism makes rich people richer and poor people poorer. Every time I meet comrades I feel good. I feel I am not alone sharing a vision of another and better world. We've got to build this new world with our every day little actions! It is possible!

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