I would like to invite you to Zakira's photo exhibit "Lahza". For our project, we put 500 cameras in the hands of 500 children in all the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon
The exhibit opens on June 6th, 2008 at 6:00 pm at Masrah al-Madina on Hamra Street in Beirut and will last until June 14th. We will also be launching our book "Lahza" with 141 pictures taken by the talented children we had the pleasure to work with.

click on the poster bellow to see a bunch of photos i took to Baddawi Camp while working with the kids.
"Lahza" is a project that consists of teaching palestinian children photography and how to use cameras. then to give them one in order to film the environment in which they are living...some outstanding pictures were shot by kids coming from Naher al Bared camp, that witnessed for months very aggressive hostilities between the lebanese army and Fateh al Islam. these kids lost almost everything..although for the majority of them it's the first time they touch a camera...you will be surprised by their hidden skills and unseen potentials... some of them made wonderful photos that were collected in the book...
amazing what these kids are able to do...you just have to give them the chance...
the following pictures were taken by children aged between 4 and 11 years old from different camps


  1. Anonymous said...

    the pictures are wonderful, they are turned now in france after paris to bretagne and belgica maybe to italia too...beautiful work

  2. Farfahinne said...

    10x a lot...i was so excited to work in this project and now seeing it realized and on its final steps: that is overwhelming!!

  3. elisa davinca said...
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  4. elisa davinca said...

    hi Farah :)
    as I mentioned on an other place, I love this/your work ~ it is so important and I want some day to join it on the local level ~ lots of love and power for you and all who contributed!!!

    PS: removed the first posting cos I wanted to correct something ;)

  5. Farfahinne said...

    10x a lot Davinca for ur comments always encouraging!
    u r welcome here whenever u want...i will be so glad to meet u

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