accountability is the only way to free the Lebanese society from the weight of the past. Without it, our destiny will always be in the hands of a bunch of criminals
Mariam Al Saiidi- the general and the private amnesty laws should be canceled- the accountability process should be possible, the determination of the responsibilities is a necessity, the public declaration of the destiny of the kidnapped is a right , the reparations to the victims or their families is our demand-
what does the new generation knows about the Lebanese civil war...?
Om Tayssir- the public tribunal has became a necessity. “Yes to the annulment of the amnesty law – Justice for the Victims

i would like to tell briefly the story of Om Tayssir:

70 years old woman, she details furiously how she was kidnapped along with her husband and her 3 little boys, 25 years ago by the Lebanese Forces. This was right after the massacres of Sabra and Chatila in 1982. Then at the notorious checkpoint of Barbara north of Beirut, she was released after being divested from every penny she had. There, she threw a last look at husband and sons, and started her endless search for them.


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