1. Dalaiama said...

    It's horrible! I don't understand what the soldier is saying but I guess he is talking humiliating things, I see him hiting the injured men in the end. Such a coward!
    I don't understand how can it happen inside an ambulance?!
    There are people all around the world who behave like this, I don't understand, I hate this way of being, it seems some people have never received love and affection in their stupid lives, so they don't care for the others!

  2. bissane said...

    chi bi arref...lahjto gharibe, yemken lahje men el chmel ma ba3refa...akid lebnene houwe ?

  3. Farfahinne said...

    i cannot be sure 100% but we have to publish it in order to push those who are responsible to investigate and give us answers! however many HR NGO's (AMNESTY- HRW...) reported violations of HR in Naher el Bared perpetrated on the hand of the Lebanese army against palestinian civilians suspected to be in Fateh el Islam and against the Fateh el Islam members...
    but for me, i believe that these scenes are real although the soldier's way of speaking is, as u said, strange!

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