Street Art

have a look on cactusbones flickr account. she has collected an outstanding pix of community mural project in New York. she details the story of Black Graffiti Artist: Mickael Stewart who was arrested and strangled to death by New York Police. the artist slaying emerged one of several as she said.

Wikipedia mentions that Michael Stewart received posthumous recognition when he died following his arrest for spray painting graffiti. His treatment while in police custody and the ensuing trials of his police captors sparked debate concerning police brutality and the responsibilities of arresting officials in handling suspects. At the time, the saga of confusion was one of the most widely publicized stories in the city’s history involving charges of police brutality.
Artists paid homage to Stewart including the death of Radio Raheem in Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing and in the song Graffiti Limbo penned by songwriter Michelle Shocked on her Short Sharp Shocked release.


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