What is next for Lebanon?

Angry Arab wrote: (...)Today, the one person who should be discredited--among a few--is the lousy head of the Lebanese labor unions, Ghassan Ghusn. I have written about him before, he was handpicked by Nabih Biriri, and the interest of the working class is the last thing on his mind. He orders a strike with an order from above, and he cancels a strike with an order from above too. He allowed the crucial issues of socio-economic justice to be used and manipulated by Hizbullah and Amal--both of which could not care less about socio-economic justice. Hariri (shock and savage) capitalism was imposed with the full support of the Syrian regime, US, and Amal and Hizbullah (and Jumblat with the exception of a few weeks when Hariri payments were late, and he would speak about the poor, only to but shut up by payments). The Lebanese Communist Party is also guilty (then and now) of not playing a vanguard role in championing the issues of socio-economic justice (...)

drawing by Mazen Kerbaj


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